Dua Lipa and her sister Reena Rock in skimpy bikinis

Dua Lipa and her sister Rina Rock in skimpy bikinis. Singer Dua Lipa, 26, posted photos of herself and her little sister, Rina, in thong bikinis on May 14 as she celebrated her 21st birthday!

Dua Lipa did not refuse to celebrate the 21st birthday of her younger sister Rina Lipa on May 14. On her Instagram, the singer posted many warm photos in which the two sisters look delightfully close over the years. 

In the first photo, Dua posted a cute close-up of her holding Rina as a baby. In the second shot, the two seem to be having fun on a sunny day by the pool. Dua wears a tiny rainbow bikini with a floral pattern, while Rina wears a hot pink swimsuit with gold chains. Both sisters tied their hair into tight buns and wore matching pink transparent sunglasses. In the third shot, the couple poses with drinks in hand while Dua wears a furry animal print hat.

In the fourth photo, Dua is wearing a green and white outfit and smiling broadly as she stands behind Rina, who is holding transparent skull jewelry with liquid inside. In the fifth photo, they are standing next to each other in tight dresses. In the sixth image, they are also standing next to each other, with Dua looking away in a collared jacket and hoop earrings. And finally, in the last part of the post, they laugh and hug each other in the same bikinis as before.

This is not the first picture that the public sees of 21-year-old Rina Lipa. A rising model and actress, she strolled the runway at Milan Fashion Week in February 2021 and also collaborated with Nastya Gal on several photoshoots.


Dua is also no outsider to wearing a sexy bikini on her Instagram page, as she carried to her account in December 2021 to post a close-up of her wearing a neon swimsuit following her split from Anwar Hadid.

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