Japanese Neo Geo Classics ‘Breakers Collection’ Return With Limited Editions

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news on Breakers Collection, the compilation of three Neo Geo beat ’em ups that never saw light outside of Japan. The release has seen a fair few delays, but it did get an open beta last year.

Now, Strictly Limited Games has announced that it will be releasing physical versions of Breakers Collection to sweeten the deal and make the wait worth it.

This is the first time the West will officially be able to get their hands on the Breakers games — Breakers and Breakers Revenge — but the collection will also contain brand new content. These 2D beat ’em ups lit up arcades with their fast-paced gameplay, super special moves, and easy to play but difficult to master classic fighting game action.

Here’s what the collection will entail:

– A hidden gem from the golden age of arcade fighting games, remastered for modern consoles
– Makes full use of the Neo Geo’s power to deliver beautiful pixel graphics
– Sophisticated gameplay with fast and sharp controls that rewards tactics over button mashing
– Up 10 characters to choose from, each with their unique fighting style (8 in Breakers and 10 in Revenge)
– Compete for life or death in the legendary FIST tournament in Arcade Mode
– Duke it out with your friends to assert dominance on your couch in classic Versus Mode
– Brand-new Training Mode, being a highly requested feature after the beta (Revenge only)
– Impeccable online multiplayer featuring rollback net code with casual and ranked modes, tested by the community during open beta (Revenge only)
– Global online ranking boards (Revenge only)
– Art Gallery Mode

But, if you’re an eager SNK or Neo Geo fan, you probably knew all of that, didn’t you? You’re here for the boxed goods, the physical editions, which marks the first time Strictly Limited Games has ever released a 2D fighter!

It’s the usual pair of sets here, with a standard limited edition and a super-sized, super shiny collector’s edition. The standard edition will cost €29.99 / $34.99,comes with a manual, and will be limited to 4,000 copies on Switch.

But, for not even double the price, the collector’s edition will only have 3,000 copies printed for Switch, and the price will be €59.99 / $65.99. Let’s have a look at what this bumper collector’s edition brings for this collection of fighting games!

Image: Strictly Limited Games

CE Item list:
– Game for Nintendo Switch
– Collector’s Edition Box
– Colorful Game Manual
– Tia Langray Headband with Breakers Collection Logo
– 2 Sweat Wristbands with Breakers Collection Logo
– Soundtrack with Songs from both Breakers and Revenge
– Acrylic Diorama featuring Tia Langray and Sho Kamui
– Arcade Flyer for Crystal Legacy (original Breakers prototype), A5 size
– Double-sided Poster with Main Visuals, A2 size
– Breakers Collection Die Cut Logo Sticker
– 10 Character Cards, A7 size
– Lenticular card, A6 size

For a gorgeous-looking box of goodies, that’s not a bad price. Or, if you really want something unique, you can also snag an aluminium plate — of which there will only be 149! — at the Strictly Limited Games store here.

Pre-orders for both editions open on Saturday 21st May at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT /11pm BST, or at midnight CET on 22nd May. You can check out the listings for the standard edition right here, or check out the collector’s edition through this link.

Breakers Collection doesn’t currently have a release date, but it’s supposed to be coming out this year. Hopefully it’ll break the delay mould and make its way onto Switch later in 2022. Let us know if you’ll be pre-ordering the collection in the comments!

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