Join us for the inaugural Eurogamer Game Club tomorrow at 2pm

It’s nearly time for the inaugural Game Club and we’re so excited about it. No one has ever invited us to something like a book club before! And that’s exactly what this is: a chance for us all – you and us – to wear knitted jumpers and talk passionately about a game we’ve all been playing. And the game, in this case, is the free game we gave away to premium supporters earlier this month: the lovely Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

What did you think of it? Did you manage to get through all nine games? I’ll be bloody impressed if you have. Which did you like the most? Perhaps you have some burning hot-take you can’t wait to share. Well, save it for Game Club.

There’ll be a few of us and we’ll be live right here from 2pm tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us too. All you need is a packet of biscuits and your brain, and you’re good to go. You can even pretend it’s work – I’ll clear it with your manager for you.

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