Kendall Jenner Blasts Scott Disick: Stop Villainizing Me! We’re Your Family!

While last week’s The Kardashians was largely about Kim Kardashian’s life after Kanye, it ended with a fight.

Scott Disick’s paranoia about being iced out of the family led to a fight with Kendall Jenner, who has been in his corner for a while.

On this week’s episode, we saw the aftermath of that.

Kourtney isn’t interested in discussing Scott and his big boy feelings, but as her sisters explain to her, this has to be resolved.

Scott Disick’s questioning if he would even be invited to Thanksgiving led to an inquisition about Kendall Jenner’s birthday celebration.

She didn’t have a big party — which is why he wasn’t invited. She has also been speaking up for him in family gatherings.

Despite that, he wouldn’t give her time to get a word in edgewise, and Kendall left the very non-productive conversation in a huff.

Kris Jenner was a witness to the entire dispute.

Scott angrily told her that if they all feel that he “shouldn’t be a part of this family anymore, I’d rather not be a part of it.”

Kris reminded him that’s not how literally anyone feels.

Kendall Jenner Goes Off on Scott Disick

“Kendall’s stuck in the middle so that’s not fair to do to her, either,” Kris told Scott.

“She feels terrible … you can’t make somebody do or feel what you want them to do,” she reminded him.

Kris affirmed that “It’s only gonna get better and better,” though Scott argued that things could still get worse.

 Kris also spoke to the confessional camera about the entire exchange.

“I don’t like it when anybody’s arguing, especially my kids,” she noted.

“And,” Kris emphasized, “Scott really needs to get ahold of his emotions right now and not get so rattled.”

Kris Jenner Wants Peace

Kendall followed that dispute by driving over to Kourtney’s house, relating the conversation to Kourtney and to Khloe.

“Scott’s like, ‘What’s going on for Thanksgiving? Obviously, I’m not invited,’ and immediately it’s hostile,” she described.

Kendall lamented: “He’s talking through me the whole time, and I’m like, ‘I don’t do that.'”

Kris Jenner Wants People to Be Reasonable

“I’ve been in enough toxic relationships, I can’t stand it anymore. I shut off,” Kendall stressed.

“So I stand up and I’m like, ‘I’m out of here,'” she narrated.

Kendall continued: “At the end of the day, it’s really not my place, it’s about [those] two.”

Kendall Jenner Seeks Guidance from Family

“He was victimizing himself,” Kendall explained to the confessional camera.

“He was villainizing everybody else including me, which I have no ill intention towards him,” she pointed out.

“And I love him and would always want him around,” Kendall emphasized, “so it just caught me off guard.”

Kourtney Kardashian Zones Out

Kourtney did not seem very “present,” as people insufferably insist upon calling “paying attention,” for the conversation.

“I just don’t have the energy for this,” she admitted of the Scott drama after casually flipping through her phone.

“My head is on a different planet and I feel like I’m living a different life,” Kourtney explained. “I am unsubscribing from this drama.”

Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Have Time for That

Khloe was not seeing eye to eye with her eldest sister, however.

“I told you this weeks ago! We think you need to talk to Scott and set some real boundaries because everyone else is in the middle,” she reminded her.

“I do think you should say, ‘Hey, moving forward, stop talking to my family about things,'” Khloe recommended.

Khloe Kardashian Points Out the Strategy

Khloe advised Kourtney to tell Scott: “‘You ask me if I’m comfortable, stop putting everyone else in the middle.’ Done.”

She added: “You’re supposed to be the boss here.”

Khloe then acknowledged: “He’s not going to [Kourtney], cause he knows he cant get s–t out of her.”

Kendall Jenner Argues Heatedly

“So he’s gonna go to [Kendall], the least combative,” Khloe explained.

“But that’s so f–ked up he’s gonna prey on you,” she warned.

Khloe expressed: “That’s actually really f–king rude.”

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