Lost legs model took part in the show Louis Vuitton

Lost legs model took part in the show Louis Vuitton. San Diego hosted a Louis Vuitton cruise show. Among those who took to the podium that evening was the  Lauren Wasser, who lost her legs and now moves with the help of prostheses. This is reported by the French version of Marie Claire.

Lauren Wasser walked the runway, made in the courtyard of the Salk Institute for Biological Research in California. She was wearing a voluminous silver cloak with a blue lining, a silver shirt, and cropped trousers of the same color, from under which gold prostheses were visible. In 2012, Wasser lost both of her legs due to toxic shock syndrome caused by the use of a staph-contaminated sanitary tampon.

In addition to Lauren Wasser among the guests at the fashion event were ambassadors and friends of Louis Vuitton: Miranda Kerr, Lea Seydoux, Emma Roberts, Chloe Grace Moretz, and others.

The collection itself, designed by Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, looked very futuristic due to the unusual forms of dresses and outerwear. The designer brings back the fashion for shiny leather trousers and massive leather belts, which he proposes to fasten at the bare waist.

Earlier, It was reported that Lauren Wasser appeared on the cover of Elle magazine. Model Lauren Wasser, who failed her legs due to a sanitary tampon, appeared on the cover of Elle France magazine. The corresponding picture appeared in the official account of the publication on social networks.


“Our muse this week is Lauren Wasser. A California woman lost both legs due to toxic shock syndrome caused by the use of a sanitary tampon contaminated with staph, ”Elle France reports. The publication gained more than three thousand likes and dozens of comments with support for the injured.

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