Shanna Moakler BACK TOGETHER With Matthew Rondeau Following Domestic Violence Arrest?! She Says…

It looks like Shanna Moakler is not ready to move on from Matthew Rondeau — despite his domestic violence arrest earlier this year!

Following the scary ordeal between the on-and-off-again couple, we thought they were done for good.

However, on Monday the 47-year-old model raised some eyebrows — along with some very serious concerns about whether or not they were back together — when she took to Instagram Stories to post a picture of them almost kissing. She also wrote a caption defending their rocky relationship, saying:

“This is who has my heart. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. If you have nothing nice to say, go away. He is kind. He is loving. He is talented and he is loved.”

(c) Shanna Moakler/Instagram

About that “kind” comment…

No doubt, her fans were most likely shocked by this confession from Shanna given that the 29-year-old was busted for felony domestic violence back in February following an alleged altercation. As you may recall, police detailed in a report that things became physical between the duo after he accused her of cheating on him. The model allegedly grabbed Shanna by the hair before tossing her onto the ground. He also allegedly threw a chair at her and urinated on her, leaving visible marks on her body. Matthew then proceeded to go on a shocking IG Live rant from her account about how the pair were “over” and accused her of infidelity — before claiming that she was still hung up on her ex-husband Travis Barker.

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If that was not enough, the former flames were hit with more drama when the pageant queen revealed she was pregnant. However, it ended up being a false positive due to a “hormone called HCG to help me lose weight,” she soon explained:

“It is the same hormone that is produced when a woman is pregnant resulting in the false positive.”

Frankly, thank goodness for that! But she didn’t take her lucky break and run.

It’s been a very messy and disturbing relationship so far, so we would not be surprised if her family and friends protested the two of them giving it another shot! But are they?? Well, maybe not exactly — not yet!

According to Shanna, the couple are “not officially together” at the moment. The reality star told Us Weekly on Wednesday:

“I know my family just wants to see me happy. I know they know both Matthew and I are doing the work to heal and be better people.”

Speaking of family, didn’t Shanna only reconcile with estranged daughter Alabama Barker once she and Matthew were dunzo? Will getting back together throw all that away?? Hmm…

While Shanna and Matthew are not official right now, she is willing to admit she’s still “hoping” to rekindle their romance at some point:

“Relationships can be difficult when played out in the public eye, but love is love and I love him, and I know the people who know us will support us.”


We’d love to say we can’t believe she’s going back. But we’ve seen enough people embrace abusers that we’re no longer shocked, sadly.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Shanna Moakler/Instagram, Matthew Rondeau/Instagram]

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May 19, 2022 13:03pm PDT

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