The Challenge alum Mattie Breaux is ready to ‘set ya soul on fire’ in lingerie, shares funny Shania Twain clip

Mattie Breaux during MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Since leaving reality television behind, more than a few former stars from The Challenge have continued to build upon their large social media followings to help generate income.

They’ve included controversial stars such as Dee Nguyen and Stephen Bear, as well as Mattie Lynn Breaux, a former finalist during her War of the World season.

Mattie continues to wow fans with her social media posts, including her latest photo shares featuring the Party Down South star in a stunning blue lingerie look.

Mattie Breaux poses in stunning blue lingerie photo

With over 550,000 Instagram followers, Mattie Breaux is making the most of her fanbase, as she often shares sizzling photos and videos of herself in lingerie or bikinis.

On Tuesday, Mattie took to Instagram to reveal another thirst trap of an image, this time rocking blue lingerie with a garter belt and black high heels as she gave a kneeling forward pose with her long dark hair cascading down.

“Kiss ya third eye and set ya soul on fire 🔥,” her Instagram caption read, with Mattie looking tan and in fabulous shape.

Mattie also directed viewers to her bio for her link, which leads to her more NSFW explicit content, something other Challenge stars do, including Tori Deal, Natalie Negrotti, and Britni Thornton.

Another former finalist Melissa Reeves just revealed she joined Unfiltrd in addition to OnlyFans, which could give some of her Challenge castmates ideas for how to further capitalize on their earnings online.

In addition to Unfiltrd, Melissa also revealed she’s launching a new NFT project online as she tries to cash in on the crypto and digital technology craze that’s been going on. Other Challenge stars have different ways of earning, such as Jemmye Carroll, who revealed her new lineup of affordable swimwear.

Mattie showed off her humorous side with video clip

The 33-year-old Challenge star doesn’t only share bikini and lingerie videos on her Instagram but sometimes posts about other aspects of her life, including a photo with her dogs or simply having fun when she’s out and about.

This weekend, she shared a fun clip with her fans and followers using Shania Twain’s classic Man! I Feel Like A Woman! In the video, Mattie rocks a cowboy hat, low-cut black top, light blue skirt, and high socks.

She struts towards the automatic doors inside a gas station and stops, moving her arms apart just as “Let’s go girls” comes on in the song. The doors open almost like a parting of the seasons for Mattie to continue strutting into the parking lot before glancing back.

Viewers who’ve watched The Challenge over the past five or so seasons have seen Mattie in War of the Worlds, where she reached the final, and Total Madness, where Dee Nguyen eliminated her. She hasn’t returned to MTV’s show since that season, confirming that she got fired from the network following “unfortunate circumstances.”

“Unfortunately, I will not be,” she said in replying to a fan asking if she’d be back on The Challenge. “I’m pretty done with the reality TV. It’s time for me to be myself, and be real, and for you guys to see all of me.”

In November 2020, Monsters & Critics reported that the former Party Down South and Floribama Shore star received jail time following her third DUI charge. Since then, she’s continued to focus on other endeavors including exclusive OF content, as well as selling Myokore Mattie Lynn resistance bands and her Unbothered line of clothing and gear.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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