Tristan Thompson to Khloe Kardashian: We Will NEVER Break Up!

Back in December of 2021, Tristan Thompson was sued for paternity by a Houston-based personal trained named Maralee Nichols.

Tristan claimed that the kid was not his son, but to the surprise of absolutely no one, it turned out that he had indeed knocked Maralee up.

Thankfully, by the time word got out about the lawsuit, Khloe had already cut ties with her philandering baby daddy.

But the court case was still rather humiliating for KoKo, as it was revealed that Tristan had impregnated Maralee while the two of them were still dating.

This came as no surprise to most observers — after all, Tristan had already been caught cheating on Khloe twice before — but the news reportedly stunned Khloe, who believed Thompson when he assured her that his cheating days were behind him.

That context makes a scene from the newest installment of The Kardashians all the more infuriating.

Khloe and Tristan are working out in Kim’s gym — or Kimberly’s gymberly, if you prefer — when Khloe remarks on the sad fates of her sisters’ relationships.

Khloe Works Out With Tristan

“Scott [Disick] is never leaving. Kanye [West] is never leaving. It looks like you’re never leaving,” Khloe remarked to Tristan with a laugh.

“We’re all here forever.”

“More like you’re never leaving me,” Tristan rather smugly replied.

Tristan Works Out With Khloe

Khloe, who appeared to be caught off guard by the statement, laughed and remarked, “Oh, okay,”

“I think either way it goes, we’re family for life,” Khloe continued. “But I think it’s such a beautiful thing.”

Needless to say, Khloe probably changed her thinking about Tristan’s continued involvement in her life after learning that he impregnated another woman during their relationship.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian in Car

And it seems that we’ll soon find out exactly how she reacted to the news, as a Hulu camera crew was on hand when Khloe found out that Tristan had cheated on her yet again.

“Well for that particular moment, my crew was there,” The Kardashians executive producer Danielle King said in a recent interview with Us Weekly.

“We were there to film something else early in the morning and the morning that news broke, we legitimately just happened to be there,” she added, noting that there is “almost always a camera going.”

Tristan Thompson, True and Khloe

For her part, Khloe now insists that she’s through with Tristan and will not be offering him any more second chances.

“I think he’s a great guy and a great dad, he’s just not the guy for me,” she said during a recent interview with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.

“With Tristan, I did feel incredibly safe in the beginning. I felt really good for a time.”

Smirking at Khloe

From there, Khloe recalled the ultimate betrayal, when Tristan cheated on her while she was pregnant.

“I remember when he cheated on me before I gave birth and I still was able to have him in the delivery room,” she told Roberts.

“Yes, it might’ve looked strange to the outside world, but when my daughter watches my home videos of it, those videos are going to be as pure as I was able to make them.”

Tristan Thompson Gets that It's Awkward

So we guess Tristan has done worse than impregnate another woman while dating Khloe.

But he certainly shouldn’t be praised for setting the bar so ridiculously low.

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