Ukraine-based Frogwares given “mega grant” by Epic Games

Sherlock Holmes and Sinking City developer Frogwares, which is based in Ukraine, has been given an “Epic MegaGrant” by Epic Games.

The undisclosed sum of money will go to employees to aid in their relocation to safer areas of the country, or elsewhere in Europe, and to maintain their financial stability going forward, Frogwares announced.

The funding package will also allow for Frogwares to supply its team with specialised equipment and migrate its data infrastructure.

“As of right now in Ukraine, the war still keeps going. During this time, we as a studio need to feel strong, maintain a positive mindset, and do everything we can to keep the business operating while also providing our team with the support that they require,” Frogwares wrote.

“In short, the Epic MegaGrant will be used to soften the financial blow from the war and stay on our feet, and we’d like to thank Epic Games for their support during this trying time.”

This money is separate to the funds raised by Epic Games from two weeks’ worth of Fortnite revenue – all $144m of that is going to charities working in Ukraine or supporting its people.

Any developer working on an Unreal Engine game can apply for a MegaGrant from Epic, and receive up to $500k.

Back in March, Frogwares announced DLC for its recent Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. “Put simply, we need to keep the studio alive and functioning to the best of our abilities now more than ever,” Frogwares boss Wael Amr said at the time.

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