Wells Fargo Allegedly Held Fake Job Interviews For Minority Candidates For Jobs That Were Already Promised To Others

Wells Fargo is at the center of another highly-controversial headline involving discrimination practices—and this instance involves the fraudulent interview process enacted by the company. According to claims from a former executive with the bank, Wells Fargo allegedly held fake job interviews for minority candidates they had no intentions of hiring because the jobs were already promised to others.

@NYPost reports, Joe Bruno, a former Wells Fargo executive in wealth management, is firing some explosive claims at the embattled financial institution, as he alleges that Wells Fargo purposely held fake job interviews with minority candidates for positions that were already secured by other job seekers. Bruno further states that when he complained about the blatant discrimination, he was promptly fired in summer 2021. He says that his termination came shortly after he told his superiors that the “fake interviews” were “inappropriate, morally wrong, ethically wrong,” according to an exclusive interview he did with @NYTimes.

However, Wells Fargo tells a different story of Joe Bruno’s termination, as the company claimed he was fired for retaliating against a co-worker. That didn’t exactly help Wells Fargo shoot down the allegations, as seven additional former and current company employees claim they were also told by their superiors to interview “diverse” candidates even though they had no realistic chance of ever getting the job. Wells Fargo instead allegedly held the interviews to make it appear that the company was actively attempting to have diversity in its workforce.

In response, Raschelle Burton, a spokesperson for Wells Fargo stated that all company employees are required to follow all hiring policies and guidelines, which includes interviewing minority candidates for all open positions.

“To the extent that individual employees are engaging in the behavior as described by The New York Times, we do not tolerate it,” Burton said.

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