22 Years Later, PS1 Classic Syphon Filter Will Soon Have Trophies


As pointed out by Polygon, it’s likely Syphon Filter is using the same software emulation tech that Sony patented back in March of last year. In that patent, Sony shared details of software that would monitor an old game and could reward players with trophies when certain triggers were activated. This patent seems to imply that more old PS1 games will have trophy support when the new PS Plus rolls out next month, but that’s not been confirmed by Sony yet.

Kotaku has contacted Sony about more PS1 games getting trophies.

Syphon Filter (not Siphon Filter, autocorrect) is one of the many PS1 classics that will be available starting June 13 in North and South America. The game is a third-person shooter that stars Gabe Logan, a US secret agent who has to fight terrorists to stop a deadly virus from being used as a bioweapon. It was an odd, but interesting game that featured some really nice-looking running animations, a ridiculously powerful taser that could incinerate people from across the map, and some cool music. It would go on to spawn a whole franchise across multiple PlayStation consoles over the next decade.


But, at least for now, only the first game will be added to the new PS Plus Premium tier with trophies. That tier costs $18 a month or $120 a year. And don’t worry, we have a lot more information about the new PS Plus tier system if you need some help understanding it all.

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