A heap of Amazon Fire tablets and Kindles can be had for crazy low prices right now

Amazon has just taken the wraps off an impressively affordable new Android-based tablet (in both “regular” and kid-friendly variants), and we all know what that means. Yes, even bigger discounts than usual on older members of the Fire family are probably right around the corner, but if you’re not willing to wait very long or spend very much on your next 8 or 10-incher, Woot is already here with a pair of killer refurbished deals.

Owned by Amazon itself, the bargain specialist is charging as little as $19.99 and $39.99 respectively for Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 editions originally released back in 2017.

Due to their advanced age, these devices are obviously no longer available from their manufacturer itself, but despite their advanced age, the low to mid-end slates can be considered a decidedly smart investment in 2022… if you hurry.

In theory, Woot’s extensive new sale on Fire and Kindle-branded products should last until May 25, but for some reason, we have a sneaking suspicion most of these dirt-cheap tablets and e-readers will go out of stock much earlier.

After all, the seventh-gen Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 come with similarly impressive battery life, quad-core processing power, and super-convenient hands-free Alexa support. The larger model stands out from its little brother with a sharper screen, more memory, and a faster chipset while offering up to 64 gigs of internal storage space (for a price).

Then you have a bunch of new and old Kindles you might want to consider if you’re passionate about your reading… and don’t have other requirements for a 6 or 7-inch device fetching less than $100.

The 2019-released 10th Gen “standard” Kindle may well be the all-around headliner of these deals at $29.99, but the $54.99 and up Kindle Paperwhite from 2018 is also pretty hard to turn down if a waterproof design and high-quality display are important for you.

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