Amy Duggar: Anna Is Turning Her Kids Into Abusers!

With Josh Duggar’s sentencing hearing just days away, these are very tense times within the convicted predator’s disgraced family.

Most of the Duggars seem to believe that Josh is innocent, and several have written letters to his sentencing judge begging for leniency.

But not every member of the family has been taken in by Josh’s lies and manipulations.

In fact, cousin Amy Duggar has been open about her belief that Josh deserves the maximum penalty of 20 years behind bars.

Despite this major difference of opinion, however, Amy has not cut ties with Josh’s family completely.

All this week, we’ve been reporting on Amy’s efforts to reach out to Anna Duggar and offer her support to Josh’s long-suffering wife.

Amy has written an open letter to Anna in which she chastises her for enabling her husband’s behavior, but reminds her that it’s not too late to reverse course.

anna d, amy d

Amy has offered Anna a place to live, assuring the mother of seven that there’s plenty of room for her entire brood.

Now, it seems that Amy has decided to return to the tough love approach with a new TikTok post in which she encourages Anna to consider what sort of example she’s setting for her children.

“Anna you’re showing your daughters that abuse is okay,” Amy said in the video.

Amy Duggar Hugs Anna Duggar

“They’re watching your every move. Your sons are learning what’s right and wrong. I’m sure they can kinda figure something’s up.”

Anna’s kids have probably been sheltered from learning the full extent of their father’s crimes, but they’re certainly aware that he hasn’t been at home for the past six months.

And Amy worries about what sort of information they’re receiving from their mother.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

“They’re too young to probably know the extent, of course, hopefully, you’re protecting them from that,” Amy said on TikTok

“But I don’t know any child that doesn’t look up to their mommy in some way. You’ve got a responsibility to them.”

Amy tells Anna that by standing up against the Duggars and saying that what Josh did is wrong, the mother of seven would be showing her children that some things are more important than blind loyalty.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback Picture

“To really give them love and protection and to show them that enough is enough, that you’re going to stand up and protect them,” Amy said.

Amy concluded with a profound observation about the nature of child-rearing.

“It just hit me like a ton of bricks y’all just a ton of bricks. I mean wow,” she said.

Amy on TikTok

“Kids growing up, they either want to be like their mommy or they want to marry someone like their mom,” the rebellious Duggar continued.

“And that can either be really amazing and beautiful or it can be downright destructive.”

Amy’s oversimplifying a bit there, but it’s clear that her goal is to get through to Anna.

Duggar, Anna Photo

She says she’s tagged Anna in every Instagram post that she’s made about the Josh situation, but she has yet to receive any kind of response.

In all likelihood, Amy’s words are not reaching their intended target — and we’re sure Josh’s family wants things to remain that way.

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