Anti-grav racing sequel Redout 2 has been delayed into June

If you were roaring at the starting line ready to race into Redout 2 later this month, you might want to cool your engines (sorry, I’ll stop this now); developer 34BigThings has announced a short delay for its stylish anti-grav racing sequel, with the game now set to release on 16th June.

Redout 2, which was originally expected to launch on 26th May, builds on the superb racing action of its 2016 predecessor with a whole new set of tracks (36 in total, plus mirror variants of each) alongside expanded customisation options – with players now able to start with one of 12 distinct chassis and strap on the likes of new rocket engines, propulsors, stabilsers, rudders, magnets, intercoolers, flaps, wings, and spoilers.

There’s also online multiplayer racing for up to 12 challengers, plus a single-player career campaign, promising “hundreds” of events from a variety of different modes, including Arena Races, Time Attacks, Last Man Standing, and Boss Races.

Redout 2 – Release Date Trailer.

As for the reason behind Redout 2’s last-minute delay, 24BigThings only said it needed “just a little more development time before it’s ready to go” in a statement announcing the news. “This will help ensure we’re firing on all cylinders out of the gate and delivering the best gameplay experience for everyone,” it added. “We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to racing with you all soon!”.

Redout 2 will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC – via Steam and the Epic Games Store – when it’s new 16th June release date arrives.

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