Britney Spears goes nude for ‘MURICA’

Britney Spears posed nude while sending a message to perhaps all of America. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is soaking up the sun as the United States begins to enter the summer season and took to Instagram to show fans her full-body tan. The star recently shared with fans the unfortunate news that she miscarried, but the Princess of Pop seems to be doing her best to remain true to herself as she navigates the next steps in her life.

Despite recent backlash from fans, Britney has been sharing a lot of completely or nearly-nude photos with her 41.2+ million Instagram followers. Her posts gather thousands and thousands of likes in mere minutes, showing that Britney’s fame has remained strong no matter what.

The shots shared on Thursday show Britney standing completely nude in what looks like the doorway to a bathroom. In classic Britney fashion, the photos feature a rose emoji in the bottom right corner and she’s covering herself with her hands and a heart emoji.

Tanned Britney Spears poses nude

Britney’s Instagram post features four photos in a row. Each swipe reveals the same or very similar photo with a filter over it, one in black and white and one that seems to have a blue filter. 

The first and last photos of the post are nearly identical. 

Britney’s skin is glowing, possibly from all her time out in the sun already this summer. 

The caption of the post is a bit vague as the singer wrote, “GOOD my a** MURICA !!!” with a kissing lips emoji and a peach emoji. 

The post gained nearly 200,000 likes in just an hour from Britney’s dedicated fans.

The singer has not yet explained the “Murica” message in Britney’s post, but it isn’t the first time she’s used the phrase, either. She referenced “Murica” in a since-deleted post on Wednesday evening.

Cheeky Britney Spears is topless for tennis balls

Britney’s first post referencing “Murica” was deleted within about 30 minutes, but not before it received thousands of likes. It was preceded by a separate since-deleted post referencing playing with tennis balls.

The star is posed like she’s taking a step back and her long hair is flowing down her back, where it previously looked to be over her shoulder. 

Britney Spears second deleted Instagram post
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

She wrote the caption, “Should I play [tennis ball emoji] or just sit on it, MURICA ???” The caption included an array of emojis, including the middle finger, which seems to be sending a message to someone or perhaps a group of people. Britney could be referring to America as a whole, but she hasn’t let fans know yet.

While it’s unclear if there’s a specific person with whom Britney has a bone to pick or if she’s just expressing herself, the Princess of Pop certainly has a lot to say and not so much to wear.

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