Fireflies Finished Following Frog Fan Feedback In Minecraft

In the video, different devs at Mojang answer fan questions about Minecraft and someone asked what happened to the planned fireflies, which had been quietly discarded and were no longer part of the planned Wild Update. Producer Anna Lundgren answered that when Mojang announced its plans to add fireflies as a primary food source for the game’s new frogs, players reached out to the studio to let them know that many fireflies are actually poisonous to frogs.


So to save the frogs and stop any frog-fan-related-riots from occurring at the studio, Mojang got a digital can of bug spray and killed the bright little bastards, saving all the frogs in…whatever the world of Minecraft is called. Let’s go with Minecraftia!

So now, when the Wild Update finally releases sometime this year, it will feature all the mud and frogs fans are excited for, but no fireflies. Now, if Mojang could just remove all the chemicals from the water that are turning the freaking frogs gay, that would be swell.



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