Garmin’s best running smartwatches are all on sale at their lowest ever prices

While Garmin’s extensive smartwatch portfolio might seem confusing and unnecessarily convoluted at first glance, especially compared with Apple and Samsung’s market-leading lineups, the wearable industry veteran makes the target audience of each product family crystal clear in its advertising efforts.

As their names strongly suggest, the Forerunner 55, 745, and 945, for instance, are designed with runners (and triathletes) in mind, and if you’re currently preparing for a marathon or simply want to get in the best shape of your life, you’ll undoubtedly be excited to see all three of those devices fetching lower than ever prices.

The Garmin Forerunner 945, of course, is both the most advanced and costliest member of this trio, normally going for $599.99 in a GPS-only variant and $649.99 with built-in 4G LTE connectivity.

Amazon can shave a cool, and as far as we know, completely unprecedented 200 bucks off both those price points right now, and despite the advanced age of this 2019-released model, its appeal is very much intact thanks primarily to a stellar battery life of up to two weeks (with both LTE and GPS switched off) and a very handy set of full color pre-installed maps to guide you through the most remote locations around the world.
Despite lacking that latter feature and downgrading the battery life rating to a maximum of “only” one week between charges, the slightly newer Forerunner 745 may also feel irresistible for folks on tighter budgets or with smaller wrists.

Marked down by $150 from a $499.99 list price in no less than four different colors, snazzy red and “tropic” included, this thing comes with pretty much the same sophisticated sensors as its big brother, like blood oxygen saturation and body battery energy, and even an identical 1.2-inch display squeezed into an overall smaller and slightly lighter frame. 

Finally, the $199.99 Garmin Forerunner 55 is currently 30 bucks cheaper than usual, offering just the basics in overall fitness tracking and health monitoring, as well as up to two weeks of battery life of its own and a far less premium design than its way more expensive cousins. 

At its reduced price, this “easy-to-use” running watch is also incredibly competitive, being able to keep an eye on its wearer’s heart rate, respiration rate, stress levels, sleep, and hydration while delivering “daily suggested workouts” as well, resisting water immersion, and supporting GPS technology with no help from a connected smartphone. Oh, and did we mention it comes in “Aqua” in addition to black and white hues? That’s pretty darn swanky for a sub-$200 smartwatch!

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