Josh Duggar Will NEVER Be Rehabilitated by Enabling Relatives, Prosecution Argues

We are only days away from Josh Duggar’s sentencing hearing.

The prosecution, like most of the moral world, is asking that this dangerous creep receive the maximum of 20 years.

Meanwhile, Josh’s closest relatives, including his mother and his wife, are begging the court to let him off with a 5 year sentence.

While “5 years” is the kind of phrase that likely makes Josh’s ears perk up, the prosecution is putting his sympathizers on blast.

Josh Duggar has been convicted of receiving and possessing child sex-abuse material, known as CSAM.

It is important to emphasize this, because after the case was so thoroughly proven in excruciating detail in court, his guilt is not in question.

The courts now must decide whether Josh should go home in a few years to a household full of children, or remain safely locked away for as long as the law permits.

Josh Duggar, Black/White

With the sentencing hearing to be held on May 25, Josh’s team is asking for only five years.

His wife, who seems so hopelessly brainwashed that she cannot see any path before her except endless devotion to him, begged the judge for leniency in a letter.

Josh’s mother, Michelle, who is at least partially responsible for who and what he is due to raising him in a cult, asked for the same in a letter of her own.

Anna and Josh Outside of Court

This week, the prosecution responded to this ridiculous request, taking aim at the claims made in the letters and the nutjobs who penned them.

“He claims that the writers are ‘extremely supportive while fully aware of his conviction[s],’” prosecutors noted, according to The Sun.

“‘And that this ‘will enable him to make the most of the rest of his life and to work hard to ensure that his children’s lives are impacted as little as is possible’ by his trafficking in CSAM,” they continued.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback Picture

As we previously reported, Josh’s lingering supporters blamed his heinous crimes upon “challenges” that followed his reality TV fame.

The prosecution, however, says that these flimsy excuses “only underscore the appropriateness of the Government’s sentencing recommendations.

Prosecutors aregue that: “Indeed, his supportive family and public-facing and privileged lifestyle make his pattern of criminal conduct all the more baffling.”

Josh Duggar on Xmas

“Despite achieving some level of fame through reality television as an adult,” the prosecution noted.

The response continued: “he is better known at this point for his behavior outside his family’s show.”

The prosecution noted that this is “including his sexual improprieties and criminal sexual conduct.”

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot

The prosecution could not help but observe (like the rest of us) that all of these gushing letters begging for leniency tiptoed around or flat-out ignored the nature of Josh’s crimes.

They also did not delve into his past history of molesting little girls in person, which the prosecution referred to as his “sexual proclivities towards prepubescent girls.”

Prosecutors argue that it’s unlikely that Josh could find accountability or helpful treatment from a family that that can’t even discuss his crimes — which of course has been the case in the past.

Josh D

“In fact, given the apparent success of his blame tactics with some of the individuals he intends to surround himself with after his release from incarceration,” the prosecution noted.

“it is not just unlikely– it is unconceivable,” the legal response continued, that Josh would be rehabilitated and prevented from re-offending.

The prosecution did acknowledge that Josh’s sentence will “undoubtedly reverberate through his immediate and extended family,” but that is almost always the case — and, in this rare instance, probably a good thing.

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