Madonna once again demonstrates her love for photoshop and skimpy outfits

Madonna once again demonstrates her love for photoshop and skimpy outfits. The singer continues to amaze with extravagant outfits and provocative poses, proving that age is not a hindrance to her.

Madonna, 63, shared photos of her pairing a black top with neon green Balenciaga shorts and fishnet tights. Numerous accessories and perfectly styled light curls have become an addition to a bright image for a party.
The singer also posted a playful snapshot of her being helped to put on a pair of tall black ankle boots in a very provocative pose. Showcasing perfect makeup and love for over-touching her shots, the music icon shared a selfie with rapper Mickey Blanco, who was also in attendance.

Madonna publicized the next text on her account: Karma says: When no one in your life is right for you, God will continue to use it to hurt you unless you are strong enough. Let them go. The story has ambiguous images of the fifth point with the message, barely covered with lace, against which the singer shows a bracelet with the words F*ck you, with the words with the image “I mean exactly the same.

Recall that Madonna recently released candid NFTs to the public, on which she acted like a woman in labor, thanks to which trees, butterflies, and centipede robots are born. In an interview with digital artist Mike Winkelmann, who created provocative NFTs, the singer explained that she gives birth to art and creativity.


The commentators were divided into two camps: for some, the videos seemed creepy, and for others, the usual work of the pop icon. By the way, all earnings from the sale of digital art will be donated to three charities that support mothers around the world, chosen by the star and the artist.

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