Netflix’s new ‘Mystery Box’ feature helps kids discover new movies and TV shows

Netflix is introducing a new feature exclusively designed for its youngest viewers. In a blog post, the streaming service announced “Mystery Box,” a new fun way for kids to discover new shows or “reconnect with a familiar face.”

Now, when the little ones log in to their kid profile, there will be a new sparkling box with a question mark in the Favorites Row, located at the top of Netflix’s homepage. When they hover over the new box, a preview of a completely random TV show or movie, which most likely will be unfamiliar to them, will begin to play. And after that, as Netflix said, “it’s showtime.”

As the streaming giant pointed out, because kids are “drawn to what they love,” it’s hard for them to try new things. This is why, with “Mystery Box,” Netflix aims to provide a fun and safe space for the little ones to discover their next favorite series and movies.

It’s good to see that the streaming service continues with its efforts to make its platform more safe and enjoyable for kids. In 2020, Netflix introduced better parental controls, allowing parents to see what their children have been watching and filter out or block titles that may not be appropriate for their kids’ age.

Last year, Netflix also introduced its bi-weekly kids recap emails, giving parents a better understanding of what their children like to watch. Back then, the streaming service also added its Kids Top 10 rows feature, charting the ten most popular children’s shows or movies in your country.Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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