New Pokemon Go TCG Expansion Cards Include Hidden Ditto, Legendary Birds

After showing off 28 cards from the set earlier this year, The Pokemon Company has revealed a handful of new cards from the upcoming Pokemon Go TCG expansion, including a brand-new format involving everyone’s favorite copycat Pokemon, Ditto.

Ditto will appear as the bottom layer of a new special type of card which features an extra layer that can be peeled off. The top layer will have a special indicator signaling it is actually a Ditto in place of the usual tournament registration mark.

This little guy will be hiding underneath certain cards in the Pokemon Go TCG expansion.


Other cards revealed with the peelable Ditto card include new versions of the legendary birds of the Kanto region–Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres–as well as a powerful Melmetal VMAX and Bidoof and Bibarel from the Sinnoh region.

The Pokemon Go expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game launches July 1, but there will be an expansion coming before it: Astral Radiance on May 28. This set features Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s Hisui region, including Hisuian variants for Decidueye, Arcanine, and Electrode.

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