Random: Sonic The Hedgehog’s “Ugly” Design Makes A Cameo In The New Chip N’ Dale Movie

Update: Fri 20th May, 2022 11:15 BST: Well folks, it’s real: Ugly Sonic makes a pretty substantial cameo in the new Disney+ movie, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

You can check out the screenshots below, but let’s go over what actually happens in the scene first (SPOILERS, we guess?).

It takes place quite early on in the movie with Dale, having undergone “CGI Surgery” (urgh), setting up a convention stall alongside some other ‘washed-up’ cartoon celebrities, hoping to once again step into the limelight.

One of these celebrities is, of course, Ugly Sonic, who optimistically states that the crowd will “like me for who I am”, before signing an autograph for a couple of chuckling teenagers. Ugly Sonic notices that the fans laugh at him, exclaiming “oh, they’re laughing at me, I know that. You can’t hurt my feelings if I’m in on the joke!”

He then tells Dale that he’s lining up to star in a new show in which he takes part in ride-alongs with the FBI, titled “Ugly Sonic, Uglier Crimes”. Dale then proceeds to stare at Ugly Sonic’s ‘human’ teeth, the camera panning uncomfortably close to his mouth. And that’s about it! It’s a fun nod to the scrapped Sonic design, at least, and we like to think that Ugly Sonic is sitting comfortably in the back of an FBI vehicle as we speak, munching on a bag of Doritos.

Original Post: Wed 18th May, 2022 04:30 BST:

The original Sonic the Hedgehog movie made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was initially revealed. Fans were quick to call out this disturbing-looking version of the blue blur. Fortunately, Paramount redesigned him and the “ugly” design was axed.

While we didn’t expect to ever see this version again, for unknown reasons, it’s been discovered the new Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers movie on Disney+ has revived this particular version of Sonic with human-like chompers. In an Empire review, it’s revealed ugly Sonic is one of the funniest highlights of the entire movie:

“But the funniest moments feature one who’s never previously made it to the screen. Yes, brace yourself for ‘Ugly Sonic’, proof that hedgehogs with human teeth are not always a bad idea.”

According to SlashFilm, ugly Sonic is voiced by comedian and actor Tim Robinson. Here’s a trailer for this upcoming movie:

Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers will be streaming from May 20th On Disney’s subscription service. Will you be watching?

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