Sniper Elite 5 First 19 Minutes Of Gameplay

In this clip, we also find a prototype night fighting MP 44, detonate some explosive barrels, and prove melee takedowns are powerful.

Sniper Elite 5 continues the series World War Two sniping sandbox with an expanded open area Hitman-style level design, tons of weapon customization, character upgrades, and a plot to stop secret Nazi plans. The game takes place around D-Day, with the first few missions seeing Karl Fairburne deploying by submarine to knock out guns ahead of the Allied invasion before uncovering a deeper Nazi plot called Project Kraken. Developers at Rebellion want to accommodate a wide variety of playstyles which they broke into stealth, control, power, and speed. Around that idea, the Atlantic Wall map has many different routes, from open fields to trenches to underground bunkers. There is more than one way to knock out the artillery around the map and disable a massive radar array. This was our second run of the area, and you will see us start in a later part of the mission that became unlocked and also sport a customized M 1911 with a wood stock, scope, and suppressor.

Sniper Elite 5 releases on May 26th on all major platforms, including PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It is both single-player, co-op, and multiplayer, also including player invasions of the campaign.

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