Texas Game Studio Will Help Employees Fleeing Anti-Trans, Anti-Abortion Laws

In both cases, those who assist people affected by these discriminatory policies in leaving dangerous states may eventually be found criminally liable, something Hoberman also addressed in his company-wide letter.


“Measures are already teed up in several states that will similarly punish family, friends, doctors, and other supporters who come to their aid,” Hoberman wrote. “This is all incredibly concerning on a personal level, and also as a business owner and leader; naked politicization of private health matters is hurting our business in tangible ways, including our ability to recruit staff.”

While game companies releasing statements in support of abortion rights is well and good, this is the kind of movement I like to see from employers in this industry. We need actions rather than thoughts and prayers, and I’m glad that companies like Certain Affinity and Insomniac are putting their money where their mouths are. It’s beyond horrific that we’ve come to this, with already beleaguered Americans unable to rely on a supposedly liberal government to protect them, but at least private citizens are doing what little they can to help.



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