Victoria Beckham came to the conclusion that thinness is old-fashioned

Victoria Beckham came to the conclusion that thinness is old-fashioned. But for this, she is reproached for hypocrisy.
All her life, Victoria Beckham was a super-slender girl with a pumped figure without a gram of excess fat at the waist or hips. According to her, it was very difficult for her: she had to constantly limit herself in food and do a lot of sports. But after she started designing tight-knitted dresses, Victoria came to the conclusion that girls with hourglass figures are beautiful, and thinness should be a thing of the past.

In order not to be unfounded, Victoria, of course, did not eat everything in a row, her nutrition remained clean, but she replaced the daily hourly cardio training with strength training with weights and weights to build muscle mass. Increasingly, she began to share with followers photos and videos from the gym, where she squats or lifts dumbbells.
Beckham also changed her posing techniques: she used to try to stand up so as to appear as thin as possible, and now she deliberately puts her hip to the side or puts her hand above her waist so that she looks even narrower in contrast with her buttocks. All this contrasts sharply with the image that Victoria has created for the past 25 years, for which, of course, she has been criticized.

Designer Victoria Beckham is rightfully considered a style icon and role model: the impeccable appearance of a celebrity can be safely taken as the basis for changing the image. One of her key features is incredible physical fitness and harmony. The other day, during the recording of the River Cafe Table 4 podcast, David Beckham revealed the main secret of his wife’s diet.


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