Bar Smith’s ‘sick’ appearance at the reunion has Teen Mom 2 viewers concerned for his wellbeing

Bar Smith’s frail frame during the reunion concerned Teen Mom 2 viewers. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 viewers are concerned about Bar Smith’s health after he appeared on the Season 11 reunion, and he looked thinner than ever.

Bar and his wife Ashley Jones’ marital struggles played out as their main storyline this season.

After secretly tying the knot last year, Bar and Ashley waited six months until they told anyone, as viewers watched during their time on Season 1 of Teen Mom Family Reunion (TMFR).

Bar Smith and Ashley Jones join Teen Mom 2 cast for Season 11 reunion

Following the end of Season 11 of Teen Mom 2, Bar and Ashley joined the rest of the cast — minus Kail Lowry, who filmed her segment from her home in Delaware — on the stage with hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa Diab.

Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline, and original Teen Mom 2 cast member Leah Messer joined them on stage.

Ashley and Bar continued to talk about their marriage struggles during their turn on the couch and shared how they’ve improved themselves and their relationship.

Following the episode, however, many Teen Mom 2 viewers weren’t focused on the progress Bar and Ashley have made, but instead Bar’s changed appearance. Noticeably much thinner than usual, Bar’s scrawny frame alerted viewers to a possible health issue.

Teen Mom 2 viewers concerned for Bar, think he looks ‘sick’

“Bar still does not look well. He appears to have dropped a lot of weight,” commented one viewer, concerned by Bar’s thin physique.

Another concerned viewer penned, “I was going to say he looked awful. Either sick or on something.”

redditors comment on bar smith's scrawny appearance during the teen mom 2 reunion
Pic credit: r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/Reddit

“Bar looks sick. He’s so thin,” pointed out another viewer while one Redditor surmised that Bar’s mom Shen’s recent health issues could be the cause, “Isn’t his mom sick maybe its stress.”

Bar and Ashley, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month, are considering making a major change in their lives.

During a recent appearance on her former Teen Mom 2 co-star Kail Lowry’s podcast, Barely Famous, Ashley revealed that she and Bar are thinking of moving to London.

“I’m thinking about doing something really crazy,” Ashley shared. “So, um, I don’t know if you know this, but Bar is a dual citizen. He also has his citizenship in London, and I’m thinking about just like, taking a chance.”

“Like, we feel like everything’s here, but what’s here that we can’t do in London?” Ashley pondered.

Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 24 at 8/7c on MTV.

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