Miley Cyrus wowed fashion critics with multiple outings in rare vintage outfits

Miley Cyrus wowed fashion critics with multiple outings in rare vintage outfits. It seems that John Galliano is now very pleased with his work, which turned out to be incredibly relevant again.

Right now, Miley Cyrus is having a hot period of business meetings and social events: the celebrity plans to be heard again and return to the wound the lost positions of popularity. The singer is already actively planning how she will spend New Year’s Eve (this time, the traditional Miley’s New Year’s Eve party will be held with the support of NBC), supports colleagues in their endeavors by visiting Broadway productions, and participates in the recording of talk shows. But first things first.

For a string of social appearances, Cyrus dug through the design archives with her stylist in search of one-of-a-kind dresses. The singer has repeatedly confessed her love for vintage, for example, retro creations of Tom Ford. However, this time her choice was unexpected. On Sunday evening, Miley tried on a short black John Galliano slip dress in shimmering silk and complemented it with classic pumps. Later that day, she appeared on Broadway wearing a Dior fall-winter 2000/01 dress (also from the Galliano era). Leopard, sequins, mini length, gold, and lace – zero styles to the maximum!


Throughout the week, Cyrus’ vintage looks continued to be the subject of discussion in the fashion press. On Tuesday, ahead of a TV taping session with Seth Meyers, the singer wore a silk red Galliano-era dress at Dior with a slanted neckline, complete with a metal belt with the French brand’s logo. Onset, the celebrity changed into a peach Alexander McQueen fall-winter 2004/05 dress.
But Miley left the site already in Chanel from the current collection, thereby completing her journey through the heyday of the popularity of flip phones and Paris Hilton.

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