7 Ways Fortnite Changed Gaming

In this video we break down 7 different ways Fortnite pioneered the live-service model of free-to-play games from establishing a successful battle pass, to being the first game to get true cross-play and cross-progression across major platforms.

Few games have made a lasting impact on a global scale like Fortnite. Epic Games free-to-play battle royale erupted onto the scene in 2017 and never looked back, constantly pushing the envelope and redefining what a live-service game should be. In this video we break down some of the significant changes Fortnite pioneered through its battle-royale game mode.

We take a deep look into Fortnite’s history and the state of gaming before then. For example cross-play and cross-progression systems were still uncommon and not something gamers expected to be a thing until Fortnite put the pressure on Sony to relent on its stingy position on multiplayer servers and their exclusivity on particular platforms.

On the other hand live-service games and microtransactions were increasingly common but few games were able to figure out how to make a rewarding system where players could feel like the free-to-play games were more than simple loot box cash cows. Not to mention consistent content updates and once in a lifetime live events. The jaw dropping concerts helmed by some of the biggest pop culture icons of our generation all in-game, are just some of the few ways Fortnite pioneered radical change in games.

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