90 Day Fiance: Aladin Jallali is a married man again, ties the knot with wife Maria

Aladin Jallali shares pics from his wedding to wife, Maria. Pic credit: TLC

Aladin Jallali has some exciting news to share with fans of 90 Day Fiance. He’s officially married and is excited to debut his new bride to his followers.

Viewers may remember watching Aladin on Season 1 of The Other Way where he was in a relationship with Laura Jallali. The two met online and Laura traveled to Qatar to meet Aladin who was nearly half her age. Things between the two didn’t last very long, and in 2019 they got divorced.

Since then, Aladin has moved on and built a new relationship with his now wife, Maria.

Aladin calls his new wife ‘a blessing’

In an Instagram post, Aladin made a huge announcement, revealing that he is now a married man for the second time.

After sharing multiple pictures of himself and his bride, he wrote in his caption, “For a long time I suffered the consequences of making the biggest mistake of my life. But everything happens for a reason and GOD has a plan for all of us!”

He goes on to address his new wife by saying, “Thank you for being there for me no matter what, Maria. Your love and wisdom has been a blessing in my life and I will devote every second of my life to make you smile and feel happy (red heart emoji). I love you more and more every day! Your husband and (pineapple emoji) forever!”

Aladin shared multiple pictures of the couple on their wedding day, although he did not show Maria’s face. Each picture has her face hidden with a sticker.

He did show off their wedding attire though. He wore a deep maroon colored striped suit with a bowtie, while Maria wore a white ballgown style wedding dress, with sheer sleeves.

The pictures also show the couple posing cheerfully with their wedding bands and signing their marriage license. They appeared to have been surrounded by their loved ones as they exchanged vows and celebrated their love.

Laura has moved back to Canada to get over Aladin

Cultural differences was just one of the many downfalls for Laura and Aladin’s relationship. Aladin wanted her to be more reserved and traditional, which is common in his culture. Laura, however, wanted to be outgoing and often talked about sex which Aladin found embarrassing.

Their marriage only lasted about a year before the two agreed they weren’t compatible. According to Laura, their divorce settlement stated that Aladin was ordered to pay her $30 a month, although she was not too concerned about the money.

Since their split, Laura revealed she moved back home to Canada to be closer to her son, Liam. She is still single and says she just wants to enjoy time with Liam and be able to travel with her dog, Emerald.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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