Amber Heard’s Sister Claims Johnny Depp Attacked Her Without Being Provoked By Her

During the recent Johnny Depp trial, many things arose to the surface. Both parties claimed the other was out to get them. In the midst of it all, which stories testified to were real? Amber Heard ’s sister claims that Johnny Depp hit her without any reason.

According to Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney, Johnny Depp once attacked her without being provoked by her. This dates back to 2015 in the middle of all the drama. The story goes: Amber confronted Johnny about text messages about an alleged affair she found on his phone. This affair was only alleged and has not been proven by Amber Heard yet.

Her testimony stated she was at the top of the stairs, facing Amber. With her back to Johnny, he allegedly ran up the stairs and hit her. Amber yelled at him for hitting her sister and hits him in return. In her testimony, she claims that Johnny, by the time his security guard came up, had already grabbed Amber by the hair and was repeatedly hitting her in the face. Travis McGivern, Johnny Depp’s security guard, had to pull them apart. She also claimed she was asked to sign an NDA to keep the situation hidden. She claims she did not even sign the NDA and left after some time.

However, Mr. McGivern gave a very different testimony. In his testimony, he said that he had seen Miss Heard throwing a red bull can toward Johnny and even seen her “spit” on her husband. Across his right shoulder, he had seen an arm and a fist coming toward Johnny Depp. He stated that he had seen Amber Heard strike Johnny Depp first and that Johnny Depp was as surprised as Mr. McGivern was. This was when he intervened, not giving Johnny any say in the matter, mainly for Johnny Depp’s safety.


According to the situation, Miss Heard claims that the only reason that she hit Johnny was to prevent him from pushing her sister down the stairs. She claimed she had never properly hit Johnny Depp throughout their relationship and this was the only time she had managed to hit him.

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