Jessica Chastain showed the easiest way to look stylish this summer

Jessica Chastain showed the easiest way to look stylish this summer. The 45-year-old Oscar winner is known for her sophisticated style. For a walk with her Take Shelter co-star Michael Shannon, the actress wore denim rompers with flared legs and chunky heels. The fiery red hair of the actress was neatly styled in light waves. A black backpack complemented the retro look, which seemed huge against its background of Jessica.

The actors looked very harmonious, talking animatedly during an evening walk. Michael Shannon, 47, spruced up his monochromatic look with a pair of hot pink sneakers.

Currently, two new films with the participation of the actress are known. The first is called “The Division,” which takes place in the near-apocalyptic future, where a team of professionals is sent to save as many people as possible from a deadly virus in New York. The second film is the psychological thriller Mothers’ Instinct, about friends Alice and Celine who live next door in the 1960s. Their strong and prosperous relationship begins to crumble after a tragic accident that binds the women with guilt and paranoid fear.


Despite the notion that Hollywood, like men, prefers blondes, there are many red-haired sex symbols among celebrities. Today, actress Sadie Sink turned 20 years old, and on this occasion. Oscar-winning Jessica Chastain regularly makes the list of the most beautiful redhead celebrities, although she would be charming with any hair color. Jessica is the very personification of old Hollywood in all its luxury and splendor.

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