Johnny Depp’s psychiatrist spoke about his drug problems

Johnny Depp ‘s psychiatrist spoke about his drug problems. Johnny Depp’s psychiatrist spoke about his problems with drugs and alcohol
The psychiatrist of 65-year-old actor Johnny Depp said about the problems of the actor with alcohol and drugs. It is reported by Entertainment Tonight.

Former doctor Johnny Depp Alan Blaustein spoke at a court hearing in the libel case of American actress Amber Heard against the artist. The psychiatrist said that the Pirates of the Caribbean star had problems with marijuana, alcohol, and opiates.

According to Blaustein, the actor turned to illegal substances after he began to be disturbed by feelings of anxiety and paranoia. At some point, the artist’s former psychiatrist suggested that Depp was suffering from bipolar disorder.
“Of course, he used drugs to alleviate much of the mental pain he faced,” the doctor said.
Blaustein added that in addition to the feelings of anxiety that the actor felt, he also had a hard time coping with his aggression towards Amber Heard: “Part of his goal in therapy was to cope with the anger that he and his wife felt for each other.”


When asked by the jury why Depp was angry with Heard, the psychiatrist admitted that he did not know but described the marriage of the stars as “a very chaotic relationship.”
“Their union has come with a lot of hesitation, ups and downs, a lot of difficulty in emotional expression, and a lot of anger on both sides. But, you know, high intensity affects emotional expression,” Blaustein shared, adding that there was “a lot of love and disappointment” in the actors’ marriage.
Earlier, sister Amber Heard spoke about the violence by Johnny Depp.

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