Kiryu finally gets a gun in new Yakuza Rainbow Six Siege crossover skin

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The time for a new Rainbow Six Siege season has arrived, and that means another premium cosmetic partnership that makes me scratch my head a bit. After dressing up the Siege roster in convincing Lara Croft, Leon Kennedy, and Rick Sanchez cosplay, Ubisoft now has its eyes set on the most legendary Japanese gangster to ever throw a punch: Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series.

The upcoming Yakuza Siege bundles give two Japanese operators a makeover: the hover drone expert Echo becomes Kiryu and hard breacher Hibana is Kaoru Sayama from the first three Yakuza games. Ubi also teased a third bundle to arrive at a later date, and the mystery silhouette shown sure looks like Goro Majima.

The first two bundles arrive on May 24. Ubi hasn’t mentioned a price, but judging by previous partnerships, expect to pay around $20 (or 2160 R6 Credits).

It’s been a little disheartening to watch Siege’s consistent visual style be eroded over time with Fortnite-style brand partnerships (that Pickle Rick skin is truly cursed), but I don’t mind Ubi’s recent premium bundles. Siege’s Resident Evil skins are well-made and I definitely want this Kiryu bundle, even if he’s not usually one to use guns.

I was starting to get the impression Ubi is moving back toward cosmetics that don’t conflict with the game’s tactical swat aesthetic, but considering a reliable Siege leaker thinks Nier: Automata is the next crossover, I may have spoken too soon.

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