Rita Ora shared pictures of her incredible figure after a workout

Rita Ora shared pictures of her incredible figure after a workout. The singer was distracted from social life to spend some time alone.
If you believe the pictures, then Rita Ora is in excellent physical shape: pumped arms, thin waist, and perfect abs. Regular exercise helps the hitmaker not only maintain a slim figure but also have a good time, taking care of their physical health.

In the new pictures on the social network, the singer was dressed in a tight black sports bra and gray leggings; Rita’s workout look was complemented by pink weight training gloves and several bracelets. “Today was one of those days when I woke up, and the day was already gone. Before I could look back, the second half of the day arrived – and I made a conscious choice: to get up and finish what I was doing in order to take time for myself. That helped. Like this,” Rita signed the pictures.

The star decided to do without makeup, showing her natural beauty without a gram of makeup. The singer’s curly hair was gathered into a messy bun, after which the perfect styling turned out.
The impressive footage came after Rita Ora shared a dance video with Jack Black for TikTok. The singer and the 52-year-old Hollywood actor performed an impromptu performance to the positive track Lizzo – About Damn Time.


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