Blake Lively admitted that children helped her find self-confidence and always be in good shape

Blake Lively admitted that children helped her find self-confidence and always be in good shape. In a recent interview with Forbes, Blake Lively revealed candidly that it wasn’t until she became a mother of many children — and the actress and husband Ryan Reynolds have three daughters, seven-year-old James, five-year-old Inez, and two-year-old Betty — that she began to feel more comfortable, both personally, as well as professionally.

Blake admitted that she became as independent as possible, balanced, and confident in herself and her abilities. And also stopped worrying about being overweight and how I look because children do not let me relax even for a minute, and you always need to be in good shape and great shape.

In addition, Lively came to the conclusion that it was growing up and having a family that made her stand firmly on the ground and do only what was really important and interesting to her. This applies to both family life and creativity. Recall that now Blake is filming the sequel to the film “A Simple Favor,” and at the same time, is engaged in the production of his own film as a director. She also launched the Betty Buzz soda line, inspired by her daughters. The star wanted to create drinks that would be credible so that she and Ryan could drink them with their children and not worry about their health.


The actress also added that family is the basis of everything for her. It is important for her that her girls and husband are proud of her and what she does and creates. Therefore, she is very scrupulous about even such a trifle as choosing an outfit for the red carpet, for example, Met Gala 2022 , and for home or gym. Plus, Lively admitted that she loves when they all spend time together: walking or watching movies. By the way, Blake said that her plans are to make a family movie, which they can review with Ryan, James, Inez, and Betty every year until the girls are quite adults.

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