Emma Heming, the wife of Bruce Willis, said taking supervision of her family took a great toll on her mental health

Emma Heming, the wife of Bruce Willis , said taking supervision of her family took a great toll on her mental health.

While for some, the family is the basis of everything, which gives confidence in themselves and everything they do, for others, it is a destructive force that, in addition to joy, brings a lot of pain. In an interview with The Bump, Bruce Willis’ wife, 43-year-old Emma Heming, admitted that she always dreamed of a strong and friendly family with children and a loving husband.

This is a treasure that needs to be kept and protected from others – this thought was planted in her by her parents when Emma was little. And so it all happened: in 2009, she married Hollywood actor Bruce Willis, they had two daughters, Evelyn and Mabel, but in every fairy tale, there are unpleasant moments.

Heming said she always put the needs of her family ahead of her own. At first, this gave her joy, but now she felt that such an amount of excessive concern for others was causing unimaginable damage to her physical and mental health. No one gets better from this, so the actress revised her schedule and began to devote more time to herself. For example, she admitted that physical exercise and sports, in general, are very important to her. This is the time when she can disconnect from problems and feel contentment, after which she becomes many times better.

Emma spoke about mental health problems almost two months after she, along with her daughters from her first marriage and Willis’ ex-wife, Demi Moore, and their joint children, told the public that the actor was diagnosed with aphasia (this language disorder affects production or speech comprehension and the ability to read or write).


Because of him, Bruce has to give up filming and new film roles. Who means so much to him. In order to somehow correct the situation and cheer up her husband, Heming tries to spend more time with him and the children, enjoying every moment.

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