Gloomhaven is coming to consoles

Over the last couple of years, Gloomhaven has become the gold standard for tabletop gamers looking to have a Dungeons & Dragonsesque experience without a Dungeon Master. Then, the game’s PC version made it among the best ways to have a dungeon-delving experience without a table, cardboard, or even friends in the area. Come next year you’ll be out of excuses as Gloomhaven finally makes its way to consoles.

After that, I guess and the only reason to not do any dungeon diving is because you are somehow allergic, or because a dungeon killed your father and you swore them off for life.

Announced via the Asmodee Digital Twitter account, the console version of Gloomhaven will be handled by Saber Interactive and is expected in 2023. Further details are spare, but as indicated by the recent release of the Jaws of the Lion DLC, publisher Asmodee seems to be quite committed to both digital and physical versions of Isaac Childres’ role-playing sensation. The board game’s sequel, Frosthaven, is expected some time later this year after a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in 2020.

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