Knockout City Celebrates Its First Anniversary, With Free-To-Play Imminent

The Switch has some rather good free-to-play options, and June will add more to the ranks. On 1st June, as a reminder, Knockout City will be going free-to-play; developer Velan Studios (also well known for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit) will also be parting ways with EA and taking on publishing duties.

The same date will also be the launch of season 6 for the game, and it certainly seems like a fresh opportunity for the multiplayer dodgeball extravaganza. We liked it a lot in our review, but there’s also the inevitable reality that some of us will have fallen off it, or perhaps played the extensive free trial but then not taken the jump with a purchase. No doubt Velan Studios has looked to the free-to-play successes of games like Rocket League, and of course we also have Fall Guys going free when it arrives on Switch and Xbox on 21st June.

In any case, the video at the top of the page is well worth a watch, and this scribe is certainly tempted to give Knockout City another try in June. Season 6 will be called ‘City of Tomorrow’ and has also been outlined previously, so take a look if you want the full details.

Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to try it out or, alternatively, if you’ve been playing it all along since launch!

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