RHOA viewers clap back at Drew Sidora for telling them to ‘keep my husband’s name out of your mouth’

Drew Sidora is receiving backlash from fans after a recent tweet telling fans to keep Ralph’s name out of their mouth. Pic credit: @drewsidora/Instagram

Drew Sidora, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is getting some backlash from fans after telling them not to speak about her husband, Ralph Pittman. 

Drew posted a short tweet after hearing what RHOA fans were saying about her husband and it was not received well. 

RHOA viewers take aim at Drew Sidora

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora saw it fitting to make a very blunt post on Twitter to tell viewers to keep her husband’s name out of their mouths. 

Drew has been receiving much backlash over Ralph and all of the scandals that are associated with him. However, in last week’s episode of RHOA, a bit of tea was spilled that Drew did not receive well. 

Drew took to Twitter to inform fans not to speak on Ralph and their situation; however, fans were not okay with Drew’s request and clapped back with much to say. 

Drew asks viewers not to speak about Ralph.
Pic credit: @drewsidora/Twitter

Some fans think Drew chooses to be blind to her reality and not see Ralph for who he truly is. 

One fan commented, “I find it .. just horrible how you go so hard for hubby when it’s clearly pointing to the directions of infidelity. The way he talks to you and how he doesn’t have your back clearly shows he’s tapped out of the relationship. Stop pretending not to see it!!” 

Some viewers believe drew needs to open her eyes and see what's going on in her relationship with Ralph.
Pic credit: @angel_august12/Twitter

Some fans couldn’t believe that Drew would have such an outlandish request after some of the things that Ralph has put her through. 

One fan commented, “The same husband that left you sitting like this? I just wanna be sure.”

Some fans think Drew is taking her anger out on the wrong people and not focusing her energy where it needs to go.

Viewers think Drew is not targeting her anger at the right people.
Pic credit: @SamKeys601/Twitter

Another fan feels that Drew is just grieving and lashing out and that eventually, Ralph will receive whatever karma he has coming to him. 

The fan commented, “THIIIIISSSSS!!!! RIGHT! Bless her heart. I hate to see it, but some people have to learn the hard way, and his trifling A will get his karma eventually.” 

Some fans think Drew will learn the hard way about her relationship.
Pic credit:@AlleKatz/Twitter

Drew and Ralph have endured a lot during their relationship

Drew and Ralph have been faced with an uphill battle throughout their marriage. 

Drew has admitted that the two have been in counseling and therapy since the beginning of their marriage, which sounds like a red flag to many. 

However, Drew has also gone on record and said that even though marriage is hard, she is willing to work through it with Ralph. 

Although it seems like Drew is the only one in the relationship who wants to work things out, only time will tell if the two are capable of staying together for the long run, even when they are faced with challenges. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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