Scott Disick Showered with Fan Sympathy After Kourtney Kardashian Marries Travis Barker Again

On Sunday, May 22, Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker … again … in a gorgeous, opulent ceremony in Italy.

Yes, that is three wedding ceremonies for one couple, with zero breakups in between.

That has to be a lot for Scott Disick to process, especially with two of his kids playing major roles in the wedding party.

Fans, and even some of his critics, are asking if he’s okay after a particularly despondent post by the self-styled lord.

Kourtney and Travis had an unsurprisingly star-studded third wedding ceremony in Italy, and we don’t just mean their family.

It’s big news … even their nuptials seem to be getting diminishing returns in headlines the more that they have them.

When you have three weddings in a month and a half’s time — and no drama in between — it’s a lot. But how does Scott feel about it?

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Marry in Italy

Kourtney might be tired of handholding Scott’s big boy feelings, but not everyone is.

Of course people have been wondering how all of this is getting to Scott, who has historically not responded well (at all) to Kourtney moving on, particularly with Travis.

But when Scott posted the most lifeless, disheartened product placement that he’s put up in years, was it a cry for help?

Scott Disick Flies Private

Scott has had a complicated history when it comes to Instagram endorsements.

Who among us can forget the time that he copy-pasted the instructions from the company into his Instagram caption instead of only the quote of what they wanted him to say?

This time, it’s for an identity theft protection company, but Scott’s lack of apparent enthusiasm may have less to do with the service and more to do with recent events.

Scott Disick Throws a Pity Party

Fans quickly labeled Scott’s post the “saddest ad ever.”

When people are insulting your commercial and treating it as a cry for help, that’s never good.

“Hope you’re doing okay,” another fan wrote. “Wish you had gone to Italy, because they are your family too.”

Scott Disick Feels Ready to Move On

“Go crash the wedding and get your girl back,” read one comment featuring some catastrophically bad advice.

“Hope you are okay, Scott,” another expressed.

“I feel so bad for him,” reads a comment. “He wanted to marry her and she didn’t.”

Scott Disick on a PJ

“Hang in there, Scott,” advised another. “Your time will come.”

This commenter continued, suggesting that Scott “Do whatever you need to find peace in your life.”

That is good advice. Vague, but good.

Scott Disick Stands Up for His Kids

This is not the first time that fans have expressed concern over Scott’s mood and Kourtney’s marital status.

Less than a week before the Italian ceremony, fans were worried over Scott’s reaction when he seemed to express a sense of loneliness in a post about spending time with Reign.

Maybe people are blowing things out of proportion … or maybe Scott is following Khloe’s example and vagueposting about his feelings whenever he wants.

Scott and Son

Look, if you’re dreading a public event or a headline, that’s one thing.

It’s another altogether to see it happen three different times in a month and a half.

We’re not overly sympathetic to Scott’s at times childish reactions to his ex moving on and living her life, but yeah, he’s entitled to feel a little glum for a bit.

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