Was Matt and Zach Roloff’s feud fabricated? LPBW viewers think so after Matt attends Jackson’s party

Matt and Zach put aside their differences for the sake of Jackson. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff and his son Zach Roloff were able to put aside their differences and come together to celebrate Jackson’s fifth birthday.

As Monsters & Critics recently reported, Zach and his wife Tori Roloff celebrated Jackson’s birthday over the weekend.

The Disney Planes-themed bash was held at their new Battle Ground, Washington home several weeks after Jackson’s actual birthday, due to his new baby brother, Josiah Luke Roloff, making an early entrance last month.

LPBW viewers already watched this season as tensions rose between Matt and Zach after their farm negotiations took a left turn. According to Zach’s version of events, Matt wanted to dictate everything. And according to Matt’s story, Zach wasn’t ready for the responsibility that comes with living on a working farm.

Not able to come to an agreement, they left their farm-purchasing talks behind them, but their disagreement meant they barely spoke nor saw each other.

Matt Roloff attends grandson Jackson’s birthday party amid feud with son Zach

However, over the weekend, Matt was captured in a video shared by Tori in her Instagram Stories of Jackson’s birthday party, proving that he and Zach were able to put aside their differences, at least for one day.

Some LPBW fans took to Reddit where one viewer shared a screenshot from the video footage, showing Matt sitting down near the firepit where Jackson’s cake sat for him to blow out his birthday candles.

Viewers wondered why Matt was in attendance for the party, given his recent rift with Zach and subsequently, Tori and the kids.

LPBW viewers question whether Matt and Zach’s drama was fabricated

One LPBW fan surmised that TLC’s cameras were there for the soiree and commented, “I bet they were filming…”

Another viewer provided a theory that the feud between Matt and Zach was fabricated for show ratings: “It’s almost as if…stay with me…it’s all made up drama for tv?!”

lpbw viewers took to reddit where they discussed matt roloff attending jackson's fifth birthday party at zach's house
Pic credit: u/phosphatecalc/Reddit

One LPBW fan voiced that family issues such as the farm negotiations should be set aside during circumstances like these. The Redditor commented, “5 is a big birthday plus a new baby; these are times to put drama, business and bitterness aside and celebrate the children.”

If the feud was, in fact, fabricated, it would lend validity to a statement that Zach’s twin brother Jeremy made earlier this year about the rest of the family continuing to film LPBW.

Explaining why he and his wife stepped away from filming in 2018, Jeremy told his fans, “Audrey and I had other things we wanted to do besides fabricating drama on tv.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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