AT&T lets customers play supernatural hit Control on phones and tablets for free

AT&T is making a first step into gaming with an interesting offer aimed at those who consider themselves more than just casual gamers. Starting today, AT&T customers will be able to play Control Ultimate Edition on a smartphone, tablet, or PC via Google’s Immersive Stream for Games.

Nominated for 2019 Game of the Year, Control is an action-adventure that revolves around the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret US government agency that studies supernatural phenomena. The game is inspired by paranormal stories about the fictional SCP Foundation created by an online collaborative-fiction project, based on a new literary genre called New Weird.

The so-called Ultimate Edition includes the main game and previously released expansion: The Foundation and AWE. Of course, AT&T customers won’t have to pay anything to play the game, but they need to meet the following requirements:

  • Own a postpaid plan
  • Head to using a phone, tablet or PC
  • Enter the phone number and billing zip code associated with their AT&T mobile account

Obviously, you won’t have to download anything since Google’s Immersive Stream for Games uses cloud streaming technology, which means you need good internet to have seamless gaming experience. AT&T hasn’t said if this is the first from a long list of games that its customers will be able to play via cloud streaming technology, but that most likely depends on the feedback received. That being said, having finished Control, I wholeheartedly recommend playing this one, even if you don’t consider yourself a “hardcore” gamer.

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