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Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted has officially begun, adding new weekly activities, missions, and the Solar 3.0 subclass upgrade to the game that players can explore over the coming weeks. Running from now until August 23, we’ve rounded up a look at what to expect from the season pass, including the new Exotic weapon you can get for free right out of the gate, as well as the new armor that Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks can get from it.

You can also check out our Season of the Haunted weekly seasonal challenges guide, to see which tasks you’ll be completing to help unlock all of this gear more quickly.

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Trespasser Exotic sidearm

Trespasser Exotic sidearm

Bungie has dipped into the classic Exotics vault of the original Destiny and retrieved Trespasser for Season of the Haunted. The original sidearm fired bursts of Arc energy, and reloading after a kill caused the next burst to be a longer, more powerful superburst. We’re still digging into how Trespasser has been revamped to fit into the worlds of Destiny 2, and how you can grab its catalyst.

Nightmare Containment

Nightmare Containment
Nightmare Containment

Season of the Haunted’s seasonal activity will see you venture into the hull of the Leviathan, which has been corrupted by Darkness plants. Summon the most challenging Nightmares and cleanse them with fire in this mode.

Weekly Mission: Sever

What secrets has Eris Morn uncovered this time?
What secrets has Eris Morn uncovered this time?

Former Cabal emperor Calus seems to have struck a deal with the Darkness, and it’ll be up to the Guardians to uncover the truth of this sinister arrangement as they dive deep into a corrupted version of the Leviathan flagship.

Seasonal challenges

Get ready to grind for some Bright Dust.
Get ready to grind for some Bright Dust.

Season of the Risen will offer several optional challenges to complete every week, which in turn will offer various rewards and substantial experience points. You’ll be able to pursue these objectives at your own leisure, and there are normally ten weeks of unique objectives to accomplish throughout a given season. Complete all of them, and you’ll be rewarded with a pile of Bright Dust that can be used to purchase some neat cosmetic gear from the Eververse shop. For a look at all of the ones released so far, check out the Season of the Risen seasonal challenges guide.

Season pass unlocks

Don't fear the reaper.
Don’t fear the reaper.


Seasonal armor can be earned from both the free and premium tiers of the season pass, but the seasonal gear and weapons with the best stats will be found in the paid-for season pass. You can expect higher ratings, quicker unlocks for Exotic weapons, an ornament to change up its appearance, and more resources with that version of the season pass. If you’re interested in what Destiny 2 has to offer in the Season of the Haunted, you can read the list below that highlights the best gear to earn and see what the new armor sets will look like.

Free season pass

  • Rank 7 — Bright engram
  • Rank 13 — Bright engram
  • Rank 17 — Bright engram
  • Rank 20 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 23 — Bright engram
  • Rank 27 — Bright engram
  • Rank 30 — Season of the Haunted shotgun
  • Rank 33 — Bright engram
  • Rank 35 — Trespasser Exotic sidearm
  • Rank 37 — Bright engram
  • Rank 43 — Bright engram
  • Rank 45 — Season of the Haunted auto rifle
  • Rank 47 — Bright engram
  • Rank 53 — Bright engram
  • Rank 55 — Exotic Cipher
  • Rank 57 — Bright engram
  • Rank 63 — Bright engram
  • Rank 65 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 67 — Bright engram
  • Rank 73 — Bright engram
  • Rank 77 — Bright engram
  • Rank 83 — Bright engram
  • Rank 87 — Bright engram
  • Rank 93 — Bright engram
  • Rank 97 — Bright engram

Premium season pass

Another look at the Trespasser Exotic sidearm.
Another look at the Trespasser Exotic sidearm.


  • Rank 1 — Trespasser Exotic Sidearm
  • Rank 6 — Season of the Haunted shader
  • Rank 10 — Legendary emote
  • Rank 13 — Umbral engram
  • Rank 25 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 30 — Exotic Sparrow
  • Rank 35 — Umbral engram
  • Rank 40 — Season of the Haunted finisher
  • Rank 41 — Umbral engram
  • Rank 50 — Exotic Ghost shell
  • Rank 54 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 57 — Season of the Haunted gauntlets
  • Rank 60 — Season of the Haunted boots
  • Rank 64 — Season of the Haunted gauntlet ornament
  • Rank 65 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 67 — Season of the Haunted Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak
  • Rank 73 — Season of the Haunted boot ornament
  • Rank 74 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 77 — Season of the Haunted chest armor
  • Rank 80 — Legendary emote
  • Rank 83 — Season of the Haunted Titan mark, Warlock bond, Hunter cloak ornament
  • Rank 85 — Ascendant shard
  • Rank 87 — Season of the Haunted helmet
  • Rank 88 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 91 — Season of the Haunted chest armor ornament
  • Rank 94 — Ascendant shard
  • Rank 97 — Season of the Haunted helmet ornament
  • Rank 98 — Exotic engram
  • Rank 99 — Shower of Wealth Exotic emote
  • Rank 100 — Trespasser Exotic ornament

Titan season pass armor and ornaments

Titan Eidolon Pursuant gear.
Titan Eidolon Pursuant gear.


Hunter season pass armor and ornaments

Hunter Eidolon Pursuant gear.
Hunter Eidolon Pursuant gear.


Warlock season pass armor and ornaments

Warlock Eidolon Pursuant gear.
Warlock Eidolon Pursuant gear.


To unlock the new season pass, you’ll either need to purchase Destiny 2’s in-game currency of Silver. You’ll need $10 to acquire 1000 Silver through the online storefronts of the platform that you own the game on, or alternatively, the season pass can be purchased in The Witch Queen Expansion’s Standard and Seasonal Editions. The Deluxe Edition offers all four season passes that will be available in 2022 and 2023 before the release of the next Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall.

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