Farrah Abraham Terrorizes Wait Staff: SING to Me on My Birthday!!

Over the years, we have all seen any number of deranged outbursts at underpaid service workers, with each tantrum filmed by a bystander.

Farrah Abraham didn’t wait for an eyewitness to report on her restaurant meltdown.

After getting her booty fixed in the UK, Farrah went out to dinner and pitched a fit when the restaurant did not give her a birthday candle or sing to her.

Farrah being Farrah, she uploaded footage of her complaints herself.

There is a reason that Sophia Abraham once called Farrah the “ultimate Karen” while filming her berating a fast food worker.

Farrah recently went to dinner with “friends.”

While there are reasonable complaints to be made about British cuisine, a lack of birthday candle is not one of them.

Farrah Abraham candlegate 01

“I did ask for a candle,” Farrah is heard reminding the waitress.

“Can I have a candle?” she demands. “Ma’am, can I have a candle please?”

Unsatisfied with her lack of candle, Farrah then goes — with her bereft-of-candles dessert in hand — to berate other servers at the restaurant.

Farrah Abraham candlegate 02

“She goes behind us texting and talking to coworkers right behind us where we can see,” Farrah captioned the video. “Does not bring a candle.”

“Hi, you’re texting and talking, not getting a candle and singing happy birthday,” she accuses the wait staff.

Farrah continues mercilessly: “Give me a candle! I don’t work here.”

Farrah Abraham candlegate 03

Farrah’s rampage does not end there, and of course — as is always the case with this kind of hellclown — she ends up speaking to the manager.

Because she is worked up into a frenzy, her words are even less intelligible than usual.

It sounds like Farrah announces: “So I can eat and get out!” which is, in fact, how restaurants are supposed to work.

Farrah Abraham candlegate 04

Laughter can be heard in the background, but the wait staff just sound shocked.

Stereotypically, you expect these antics either from an adolescent who is struggling with hormones and maturity issue or with someone much older, who may be dealing with entitlement issues.

In Farrah’s case, however, it’s just Farrah being Farrah. This time, she wasn’t arrested. Sadly, her bullying paid off, and she got a camera and even a song.

Farrah Abraham candlegate 05

First of all, it’s truly weird to think that Farrah wants a birthday candle, much less the birthday song that she demanded.

Who likes getting sung to by the wait staff? Over the age of 8, we mean.

When I go out to eat on my birthday, I’m sure to not order alcohol to avoid the chance that someone might notice that it’s my birthday on my ID and subject me to that disruptive ritual.

farrah abraham jack in the box ultimate karen - ult

But Farrah seems like the sort of nightmarish being that might be spawned by a “disruptive ritual.”

There is a punchline to her chaotic hellclown behavior, however:

Her birthday is May 31. That is next week. It’s not her birthday, and this only makes her obnoxious demands more absurd.

Farrah Abraham throwback tantrum @ producer

All of this went down as an old clip of Farrah having a meltdown years ago at a producer resurfaced.

It’s good to remember that her vile behavior is nothing new, and that she has always treated people this way.

In many ways, Farrah is a product of her toxic upbringing, but at some point, being an awful person became a choice, and she has made it again and again.

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