Jesus doesn’t love you in the new game I, the Inquisitor

The Jesus in I, The Inquisitor, isn’t forgiving. He’s quite the opposite.

In the new game from The Dust S.A, you’ll play in a world where Jesus takes revenge upon the non-believers, rather than granting them forgiveness for his own crucifixion. It’s a wild concept, and was inspired by the novels of Polish author Jacek Piekara. On Tuesday, the developers released a trailer showing just how punitive Jesus can be.

The game imagines an alternate history 1500 years after the crucifixion. At the time, instead of dying, Jesus “becomes consumed by utter rage” and “breaks free and unleashes violent vengeance on all the non-believers,” according to the game’s Steam page. Now, Inquisitors violently enforce the faith.

You’ll play as Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor of the Holy Office, who frankly looks a lot like the depictions we see of Jesus with his long, brown hair. From the sounds of it, he’s in charge of executing punitive measures against these non-believers. As you play you’ll explore a land called Konigstein and live through a “conflict that is yet to emerge.”

The original teaser trailer showed a person praying to a cross in the game’s bleak, medieval setting. The new trailer shows just how brutal and violent this world can be, as a camera pans through scenes that include people hanging from the gallows and a room filled with torture instruments. (Whether or not this little tirade is supported by God the Father, remains to be seen.)

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