Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes Detail New Mechanics With Worldwalker Expansion

The Legends of Runeterra 3.8.0 patch notes are now live, breaking down everything that’s coming in the new Worldwalker expansion on May 25.

The new expansion includes a revamp of the Path of Champions single-player mode, more than 65 new cards featuring four new champions, and three new card mechanics in Origins, Boons, and Spawns.

Spawn is one of three new mechanics coming in Worldwalker.

Origins are special cards that can be added to a deck regardless of region and may have special effects that trigger at the beginning of a match. Spawns summon a 1|1 tentacle to aid in battle, and whenever a tentacle is spawned and one already exists, each tentacle gets a +1|+1 buff. Finally, Boons are cards that attach to other cards for added effects, like boosted attack and defense.

The Path of Champions 2.0 also features in the Legends of Runeterra 3.8.0 patch, adding two new regions to the map in Noxia and Demecia, permanent progression systems that power up champions and unlock new abilities, and add new Champion and World Adventure challenges. The full patch notes are below.

Legends of Runeterra is a collectible card game based in the League of Legends universe, and it is available for PC and mobile devices. The new Worldwalker expansion will go live at “approximately 11 AM PT (2 PM ET) on May 25” according to the patch notes.

Legends of Runeterra 3.8.0 Patch Notes

New Expansion – Worldwalker

We’ve prepared something very special – Legends of Runeterra’s new expansion, Worldwalker, introduces four(!) new champions, including our first Runeterran champions, new keywords, over 65 collectible cards, and the release of The Path of Champions 2.0.

Learn more about everything coming in the expansion in the details below, and get ready to walk a new path in Worldwalker, playable at approximately 11AM PT on May 25!

New Cards

Over the past week, we’ve been revealing all of the cards being added in Worldwalker. Head to one of the galleries below to get the full list of new cards and start building your day 1 decks!

New Mechanics & Keywords

Worldwalker introduces Runeterran champions. Adding a Runeterran champion to your deck acts as one of your regions, and each Runeterran champion has a unique deckbuilding rule, or Origin, that defines which cards can be played alongside them.

Some Origins also have unique skills that activate during gameplay based on certain conditions. For a full rundown on how Origins work, check out this infographic!

Spawn lets you unleash the full power of the sea, summoning a 1|1 Tentacle if you don’t already have one, which then grows based on the number of Spawns listed in a spell or skill. If you have a Tentacle on the board already, it’s granted +X|+X for each Spawn listed. Overwhelm your opponents with massive Tentacles by stacking your deck with Spawns!

Boons are positive effects that are planted on random cards in your own deck, which activate when drawn. Our first Boon, Chimes, grants units in-hand +1|+1 for each activated Chime.

New Challenges, Quests, and AI Decks

New Challenges and Quests have been added to introduce the keywords, archetypes, and champions being added in Worldwalker. Additional AI decks featuring cards added in the expansion have also been added to the Vs. AI opponent pool.

The Path of Champions 2.0

Worldwalker brings a major update to The Path of Champions:

  • New Regions – Noxus & Demacia
  • New Permanent Progression Systems:
    • Legend Levels that power up your whole champion roster
    • Champion Star Levels that grant your champions unique abilities and unlock new legs of their personal adventures
    • Revamped & expanded Champion Levels to power up your favorite champs to extraordinary new heights
  • Unique Champion Adventures
  • World Adventures to test your power & skill with any of your champions

There’s so much to discover in The Path of Champions 2.0 that it wouldn’t all fit in the patch notes – be sure to check out The Path of Champions Re-Explained video, as well as this FAQ article for the full rundown.

Card Updates

As with most of our expansions, since Worldwalker is introducing a wide variety of new cards & mechanics, we’re not shipping significant balance updates this patch, though we do have a few small updates.

In the 3.7.0 patch notes, we announced that we were aiming for patch 3.8.0 to introduce changes for play/cast functionality for copied spells from cards like Karma and Taric to count as being Played. However, we need some more time to implement that functionality, so we’re aiming for a patch in the near future – we’ll keep everyone on when to expect that update.

Our next major balance update patch is scheduled for patch 3.10.0 in late June – stay tuned for more information about what to expect in that patch as the Worldwalker meta settles!

From game designer Alexz Lee (aka DeadboltDoris): For this patch, Pirate aggro has been putting up some pretty high numbers lately and we wanted to address that going into Worldwalker.

Both changes do two important things:

1. Makes it easier for your opponent to remove them via spells and blocking, and makes it more difficult to freely play Demolitionist without losing a unit on board, especially in the case of Demolitionist targeting Crackshot.

2. We recognize that these changes are coming out alongside Annie and do have the potential to impact her decks, but we are confident that Annie and her pals are going to be fine, but we’ll be keeping an eye out!

Followers, Spells, and Landmarks

Crackshot Corsair

  • Base Stats: 1|2 → 1|1

Imperial Demolitionist

  • Base Stats: 2|3 → 2|2

Pulsefire Event

Will you preserve the flow of linear time, or deviate beyond its boundaries? Choose your future now. The Pulsefire Event launches with patch 3.8.0 and comes with a ton of high-tech new emotes, guardians, card backs, and so much more, with the ultimate reward of an exclusive Pulsefire Akshan skin!

This pass, and future Event Passes, also come with many more free nodes, so you’ll be able to earn rewards as you play whether you choose to purchase the Premium Event Pass or not. It should still take roughly the same amount of time and effort to complete this pass as previous Event Passes.

Purchase the Premium Event Pass before June 15 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Energy Orbs and a Rare Prismatic Chest! The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks the Tibbers Guardian. All unlockable rewards can be viewed on the Event rewards road.

This is a special event pass that will run for an extra week. Play games to earn Energy Orbs and unlock even more rewards than usual!

Event ends and pass expires June 29 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Region Roads

Starting with the Pulsefire Event, we’re making some changes to reward allocation & Region Roads, but first, some context:

  • Players who have completed every Region Road have had to wait for new expansions to continue earning rewards on them through extensions.
  • New players already have a lot of Region Roads to work through after starting the game.

We’re adding more free nodes to Event Passes (without increasing the overall time required to complete them), and we’re no longer going to be extending Region Roads. This change should allow established players to continue earning free rewards during events, and newer players can benefit from both the existing region roads and the expanded selection of free nodes on Event Passes.


Champion Skins

  • Pulsefire Jhin
    • Alternate art, level-up animation, and Skill VFX
  • Pulsefire Caitlyn
    • Alternate art, level-up animation, and VFX
  • Pulsefire Aphelios
    • Alternate art and VFX
  • Pulsefire Thresh
    • Alternate art and VFX
  • Pulsefire Lucian
    • Alternate art
  • Pulsefire Akshan (Pulsefire Event Pass Exclusive)
    • Alternate art


  • The Chronosphere
    • This board has interactive elements, special visual effects, and music.


  • Tibbers
    • “Have you seen my bear, Tibbers?” – Annie
    • Guardian Personality: Protective Eats: Honey Chili
  • Pulsefire Tibbers
    • Stunning you in the past, present, and future.
    • Guardian Personality: Frenzied Loves: Charging through portals
  • Pulsefire Chip
    • The ideal companion for time travelers who need some stability.
    • Guardian Personality: Unchanging
    • Hobby: Time-traveling back to his favorite moments with Papa

Card Backs

  • Pulsefire Virtuoso
  • Pulsefire Siblings
  • Pulsefire Rogue
  • Pulsefire Truthseeker
  • Scroll of Runeterra
    • Earned by players who completed an adventure in The Path of Champions 1.0.
  • Plaque of Runeterra
    • Earned by players who defeated Gangplank in The Path of Champions 1.0.
  • Gem of Runeterra
    • Earned by players who defeated Viktor in The Path of Champions 1.0.


  • Wait for It
  • Backfire
  • This Again?
  • Scoped Out
  • Adventuring!
    • Earned by players who defeated Viktor with 3 champions in The Path of Champions 1.0


  • Timewalkers Bundle
    • Your favorite champions, fully equipped with plasma blasters. This bundle contains:
      • Pulsefire Jhin
      • Pulsefire Caitlyn
      • Pulsefire Aphelios
      • Pulsefire Thresh
      • Pulsefire Lucian
      • Champion cards for all of the above champions

Deck Bundles

Deadly Fire Deck

Lead with fire and finesse alongside this deadly duo. Devastate the enemy Nexus, combining Jhin’s brutal spellcasting and Annie’s fiery outbursts into a glorious, sensational offensive.

  • Comes bundled with the Pulsefire Jhin Champ Skin. Price is prorated for potential duplicates.

Otherworldly Voyagers Deck

Take courage as you journey through strange lands. Guided by Illaoi’s conviction and Bard’s jovial spirit, raise up a sea of behemoths to engulf the entire cosmos.

  • Price is prorated for potential duplicates.

Sunsetting Expeditions

With the release of patch 3.8.0, Expeditions can no longer be accessed. Please refer to the original announcement article for more information.


  • The ranked season for A Curious Journey has concluded, and Worldwalker is underway!
    • Collect your ranked rewards depending on your performance, including an exclusive A Curious Journey icon from the previous season in the Loot popup on the home screen.
  • A hand counter has been added when clicking to inspect your deck in-game.
  • Worldwalker and future Seasonal Tournaments will take place on a single weekend, with Open Rounds on Saturday, and Playoffs on Sunday. Stay tuned for a full schedule in the coming weeks!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing players to crash while viewing art in the Collection.
  • Fixed an issue where a white circle was appearing in the center of the board for some tutorials.
  • Fixed an issue where Encroaching Mist wasn’t properly displaying the Ephemeral icon.
  • Fixed an issue where discarding cards that replace themselves wasn’t allowing Jinx to level up to Level 2.
  • Swiftwing Lancer can no longer create itself.
  • Fixed an issue where Overgrown Snapvine was soft locking the game upon emerging from Buried In Ice.
  • Shadow Apprentice now has a previously missing effect icon.
  • Winds of War now correctly heals your ally regardless of whether the enemy is there when the spell resolves.
  • Ram Stance now resolves even if the selected unit leaves play.
  • Transposition now uses the reduced cost of a unit which has had its cost reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where Daybreak triggers from Morning Light was activating Leona’s level up progress.
  • Added an error message when a player tries to move a challenged blocker.

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