The Challenge Season 38 rumors: Dropped cast member says they’ve now removed castmate from their life

Two rookie castmates from The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies were nearly teammates on Season 38. Pic credit: MTV

As the cast has departed for The Challenge Season 38, rumors have arrived regarding some of the individuals who were supposed to be on the next installment of MTV’s series but didn’t make it.

One cast member reportedly dropped out of the cast due to having unmet demands when it came to salary, and due to that, production also dropped the individual they were going to team up with.

That individual recently gave his thoughts on the situation, indicating that he’s “removed” his castmate from his life.

The Challenge Season 38 rumors swirl about cast

Weeks ago, online spoilers and rumors about The Challenge Season 38 suggested that former Spies, Lies & Allies rookie, Michaela Bradshaw, wouldn’t be participating in her sophomore season due to demands she made regarding pay.

Due to her deciding not to do the show, The Challenge also dropped the individual she was going to be partners with from the cast. That individual was Michaela’s fellow Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Corey Lay.

Corey recently took to his Twitter to dish on the situation, suggesting that he’s since removed Michaela from his life, although he said it wasn’t due to her decision.

“It’s not because she chose to keep her job though. I’m petty but not that petty. – glad she’s able to keep stacking her coins,” he tweeted.

the challenge corey lay reacts to michaela situation
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

A fan responded to Corey, saying that it’s really about whatever makes both of them happy. Corey agreed with the sentiments.

“Exactly! Let her do her thing and let me do my thing. Life moves forward,” he replied.

corey lay comments about castmate moving on
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Corey was one of the 19 rookies who appeared in MTV’s Spies, Lies & Allies cast, having debuted on HBO’s dating show, 12 Dates of Christmas. He and Michaela found themselves on opposite sides in Season 37’s first episode, as Michaela and her teammate Renan Hellemans and Corey and his partner, Michele Fitzgerald, faced off in the elimination event.

Michele and Corey would win that first elimination, sending Michaela home. However, as the season continued to air episodes, Corey and Michaela’s friendship continued as they regularly appeared together in Instagram Live sessions to discuss the show.

However, something led to a falling out between the two castmates and friends, with fans suspecting it had to do with Michaela’s decision.

Michaela released video about dropping out of Season 38

Several weeks ago, Michaela released a video where she responded to the rumors that she dropped out of The Challenge Season 38 due to unmet demands regarding pay.

Michaela went over her reasons for dropping out in the video, including the pay situation. Basically, she said that she’d just got a new job with a signing bonus, and if she went to do The Challenge, it would mean having to come up with the money to pay back that bonus. She said there was no guarantee she’d advance far enough in the game to pay it back, so financially, it was a gamble.

She also brought up how she struggled with the decision, indicating she knew it would impact someone else’s life and financial situation. Still, she had to make the best move for herself instead of worrying about someone else.

Michaela didn’t specifically mention Corey during her video, but it seems that he was the individual she was referring to in her response.

Based on The Challenge 38 spoilers, the season consists of allies who are friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, or relatives. Corey and Michaela would’ve been linked as friends, but now it seems more likely they’d be rivals in a future season.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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