Apple says account deactivation in apps is nonsense, makes deletion an obligatory feature

It’s no secret that Apple has very strict rules regarding its App Store. However, while these restrictions could make app developers’ lives more difficult, they are often beneficial to us, the users. One such useful policy is the Account Deletion rule, which requires applications that allow you to create an account to also let you delete it. In January, Apple delayed the implementation of this requirement and pushed it back to June 30, 2022. Now, in a post on its Developer website, the Cupertino company reminded developers that they only have about a month left before the deadline expires. Such a reminder could indicate that Apple won’t give any more time, and if someone hasn’t yet complied with the rule by the end of June, there will be sanctions.

Although Apple’s Account Deletion rule means that many developers will need to make significant changes to their apps before the deadline expires, for us, it means that we will soon have more control over our personal data.

Also, here we are talking about complete data deletion, not just profile deactivation. As Apple said on its Developer website, “offering to temporarily deactivate or disable an account is insufficient.” The deletion process is expected to automatically include any user-generated content from within the app — if it happens to be a social media or any other content-sharing platform, any posts, pictures, videos, or even reviews should be scrubbed together with the deletion.

If the deletion will take some time to complete, the apps must inform you about that. If you want to delete your account from an app that allows transactions, the developers must tell you how billing and cancellations will be handled as well. It’s important to note that, in some cases, users will need to go to the Subscriptions menu on their Apple ID page and cancel any recurring subscription payments manually. Again, the developer should include this reminder during the account deletion process.

So, in other words, Apple’s Account Deletion policy will make it easy for you to request the removal of any data that the developer isn’t legally required to maintain from their app and / or platform.Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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