Asus Reveals The World’s First 500Hz Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Monitor

Asus announced the ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor at Computex this week, a blisteringly fast screen that is touted as being the first device capable of that high refresh rate.

According to Asus, the TN panel technology uses a new version of that hardware that is surprisingly affordable, although some color accuracy and vibrancy is sacrificed to achieve a low latency benchmark that the company refers to as “esports TN.”

The top resolution is 1080p on the 24-inch screen, but it is G-Sync compatible and ships with both Nvidia’s G-Sync Esports Mode to increase vibrance and Reflex Analyzer support that measures end-to-end system latency if you have an Nvidia Reflex-enabled mouse and a GeForce GPU.

Primarily aimed at esports players, the high refresh rate is meant to offer smooth gameplay and a competitive edge over other players. To demonstrate the difference in latency Nvidia uploaded a video showcasing the new monitor against other screens with lower refresh rates, and used a high-speed camera to capture gameplay of Valorant:

It’s worth noting that you’ll need a beefy PC to handle the 500Hz refresh rate, even in less-demanding games such as Overwatch and Valorant. Nvidia’s RTX 4090 card is rumored to be launching this summer, so if you have cash to spare and you want to show off, you’ll likely be looking at forking out for a very powerful GPU like the monstrous RTX 3090 Ti.

While pricing and a release date haven’t been announced just yet for the new Asus monitor, there are plenty of alternative devices on the market.

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