Blaseball: The Card Game crowdfund goes live with great player art

You may have heard of Blaseball, the online game in which players can suddenly turn into peanuts, fans try to incinerate rival stars, and participants scheme to snatch blessings from the gods. It’s a wild, surreal game, and it’s moving into a new format: a two-player card game. Blaseball: The Card Game is now live on crowdfunding site Gamefound, where players can get a look at what the project entails.

A card game is a natural fit for Blaseball, a game inspired by baseball and its own collectable cards. It also gives the developer the chance to dive into the backstory of some of these blaseball players, who are largely cloaked in mystery and exist in fan canons and speculations. That’s not to say that the information on these cards is strictly canon; they’re more like popular interpretations that are subject to change in the ever-fluid, utterly bizarre world of Blaseball.

Wayfinder Games has released a small selection of cards, which includes stars like Jaylen Hotdogfingers, the first player to both die and be resurrected — with a terrible debt. Landry Violence inspired the mantra “RIV” or “Rest in Violence,” while Ayanna Dumpington is known for being an inspiration and cheerleader to her teammates. York Silk is a young upstart with expensive designer goods, including bats with swords and guns in them. Kelvin Drumsolo is a speedster and show-off, and Boyfriend Monreal is the heartthrob of the league who receives reams of fanmail. It’s an eclectic crew of wild characters.

Blaseball: The Card Game’s crowdfunding campaign, in which the developer is seeking $31,233 to produce and publish the game, also has a series of stretch goals involving booster packs. More Blaseball stars could be making the jump to the game depending on fan interest and the crowdfunding’s success.

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